Air Hockey Paddles and puck ready! Move your paddle, hit the puck towards the opponent's goal. How many points can you score? Features: - Beautiful and modern UI - 2 gameplay modes: timed or first to score - Simple touch and drag system, suitable for deskop, smartphone and tablet devices - 3 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium and Hard. The AI is really tough to beat! - Interactive tutorial Fans of ice hockey and winter sports will love this game.

Touchdown Pro The scene is set. You're on the pitch, aiming for a touchdown. But beware, everyone else on the pitch is trying to tackle you. Avoid being tackled, secure the touchdown, and keep running! Be the touchdown pro. Features: Unlimited gameplay Earn touchdown credits to unlock better, stronger players Use the slow motion mode to view the pitch in 'matrix' mode, before planning your next move Easy to learn, difficult to master

Presidential Golf It's time to make America great again. Together with the president, play golf in a series of challenging holes. Drop into the golf course via the presidential helicopter. How cool is that? Adjust your swing, power and let loose! Features: - interactive tutorial to help your audience - funny dialogues by POTUS himself - jazzy theme - avoid bunkers and water hazards Love or hate Trump, this game is gonna be yuge. Note: this is a political satire / parody game. Please do not take this too seriously.

Desert Rally You're in the middle of the desert. The sun is high. The roads are scorched. Your jeep is ready to rumble. Ready, set, go! Race your jeep through a variety of race tracks. Steer carefully to avoid losing time. How fast can you finish the race? Features: 3D graphics Third person driving. Enjoy the thrills of steering a desert jeep Intuitive controls. Drag left or right, to steer your vehicle Challenging race tracks Fun theme

Social Blackjack Blackjack is a game best played with friends. Play in a social setting, with other players. Can you beat the house? Features: Fun and sleek theme, suitable for card game enthusiasts Casual play mode where users can drop in and out of the game Tournament mode (player vs player) Chat and play with other players in real time Choose fun avatars to represent yourself Custom nicknames Really easy and intuitive controls, for desktop and mobile (smartphones and tablets). Emoji support in nicknames. Use and paste into nickname field. Leaderboards for competitive play

Tiny Golf World There's golf, and there's tiny golf. Practice your golf skills to perfection, while collecting gems to boost your score. Features: Beautiful walled maps to play in. Your ball will never get lost! Leverage power-ups such as magnets Cleverly work around obstacles such as sand bunkers, ponds and water sprinklers Use portals to teleport golf balls Fun, casual setting for relaxed play

Bill The Bowman Fancy being Robinhood, the expert archer? Now you can practise your archery skills. Tap and aim your bow. Release to shoot the arrow. Aim for the fruit, not the person. Encounter an increasingly challenging landscape that will challenge your aiming skills. How high can you score? Features: - 2x combo when you hit a winning stream - Hit 5 fruits in a row to get an extra arrow - Fun medieval theme - Endless gameplay This game is perfect for robin hood lovers who like all things medieval including knights in shining armor, merlin wizards, monks and yes, fire.

Tank Battle Two tanks emerge on the battlefield. Only one will survive. Can you outsmart the other tank? Collect ammo crates and powerups. Navigate your way to the enemy tank. Fire away! This is the perfect game to play with friends and family. Tip: For two player mode, play on the same device (one finger on each side). Enhance social interaction of your audience! Features: Interactive tutorial to learn the ropes Collect different powerups such as additional health, bubble shields and speed boost Randomly generated battlefield. Each terrain is different Intelligent computer AI Singleplayer or Two Player mode Beautiful, low polygon theme Unlimited gameplay

Biker Lane Control your bike rider to reach the flag. Boost, brake and tilt your bike left/right to navigate the tricky roads. Earn stars by completing the level in record time. Features: - Interactive tutorial - Use stars to unlock cool characters such as grandma biker, traffic police biker, punk biker, and pro biker. - Panning function to plan your routes - 20 challenging levels - Play repeatedly to get the best high score - Upbeat theme Motorcycle enthusiasts will love this game.

Slam Dunk Forever The basketball is swinging gently from a rope. To score a slam dunk, time the ball's release to make it fall nicely into the hoop. How many slam dunks can you make? What's your winning streak? Features: A fun theme, perfect for outdoor sports Unlimited levels for unlimited gameplay Bonus points for factors such as speed, ricochets, and accuracy A variety of obstacles such as bouncers and spikes, to make things challenging Stuck? Earn coins to purchase magnets and springs to help Interactive tutorial to learn the ropes

Dream Body Workouts If you're looking to get your dream body but don't have much time, this is the web app for you. Simply load the link via your smartphone, tablet or desktop, and start working out. Squats, lunges, sit ups, jumping jacks, planks, push ups - we've got it all. Features: - The workout plans are timed based on your convenience. - Daily achievements to keep you motivated - Customized workouts based on number of rounds - Fast and upbeat background music

Darts This is the game for dart fanatics. Starting from a score of 501, pick your targets to reduce your score until zero. The first player who reaches zero wins! Features - Follows the standard 501 points rule - Smart computer AI - Interactive tutorial to learn quickly - Score combos through different spots on the dart board. Target double spots, bull rings and bullseye. - Fun and casual theme, no-stress environment

Finger Spinner Spin the fidget as many times as you can. Develop your own technique for spinning. Earn coins for each successful spin. Use the coins to upgrade your spinning skills, and unlock cool spinners! Features: - Unlock cool spinners and upgrades via the shop - Cool theme and artwork - Endless gameplay

Beach Soccer Aim and shoot the ball into the goal. Collect the starfish to gain maximum score. With golden sand, coconut trees, sand castles, crabs, and a gorgeous sunshine, what more do you need? Features: - Interactive tutorial - Over 20 challenging levels. Put your thinking cap on. - Fun beach theme and music - Interact with challenging obstacles such as crabs, sandcastles, and more.

Ice Hockey Shootout The ice hockey rink is ready. The stadium is packed. The fans are chanting. The spotlight is on you. Swipe the ball towards the goal. Avoid goalies and bulky defenders. How many goals can you score? Features: - fast paced action - goalie has varying degrees of intelligence - unlock different pucks such as sardine cans and cheese pucks

Smart Soccer Soccer has never been this fun. Simply drag, aim and release to shoot the soccer ball. The first to score 3 goals wins. Features: - Choose your side, from 32 nations. - Smart and calculative AI. Be prepared to play hard! - Tutorial to learn the ropes - Exciting soccer stadium environment, perfect for soccer nuts

Extreme Baseball Aim and release your baseball to knock out your opponents. Bounce the ball off the walls to cleverly knock out multiple enemies in one attempt. Collect baseball cards to increase your score. Features: - Tutorial to learn the ropes - Interact with multiple elements such as glass, wood boxes, TNTs, buttons, moving platforms and more. - Over 20 challenging levels - Baseball card collectors will love this - High tempo music - Fans of Stupid Zombies will appreciate this game!

Captain Throw snowballs at your friends! Pick one of 4 different characters. Eliminate other players to win, in this winter xmas warfare. Features: - Intuitive controls, for desktop, smartphones and tablets - Leaderboards - Custom emoticons - Powerups such as health kits and double damage - Hide behind structures to take cover. Surprise your friend with a snow ball straight in the face! - Switch between different servers for reduced latency (Europe and Asia)

Classic Pinball Move your paddle to hit the steel ball. Watch as the ball bounces around the arcade machine, raking up points for you. You only have three balls. Make them count! Features: - Interactive tutorial - Easy to learn, hard to master - Classic theme - Pumping background music and sound effects

Flick Basketball Flick the ball. Score as many points are you can. Features: - Simple, 1 touch controls - Easy to pick up and play. It becomes more challenging as you earn higher scores - 3D-like view - Collect stars for bonus points

Bobblehead Soccer Royale Move your bobblehead soccer stars around the field. Kick the goals into the opponent's goal. Collect the powerups to gain an edge over your opponents. Features: - Mad physics that trumps realism - Fun and vibrant soccer atmosphere - Funny caricature expressions - Challenge over 20+ top soccer players in the world - Increasingly challenging levels. Get to Level 3 and the game really heats up. Forget FIFA World Cup, fans of puppet soccer fans will love this game.

8 Ball Pool With Friends Challenge your friends in this 8 Ball Pool game. Rules: - First ball potted will decide whether you're playing for Spots or Stripes - Aim for the lowest numbered ball on the table - The final ball potted must be the 8-ball Features: - Realistic ball physics. Each spin is carefully designed. - Fun casual pool theme suitable for everyone - Real-time PvP 1-vs-1 multiplayer gameplay - Clear signals and cues - Anyone can play. No registration necessary - Chat box function

Ultimate Baseball Swing high, middle or low to hit the ball. Find your sweet spot and perfect timing. Hit correctly and score a baseball home run! A simple arcade style baseball game for the fans. Features: - Simple controls to hit high, medium or low - Baseball stadium theme, great for brand exposure - The game gets more challenging as you score more home runs! - Possibility of integrating a high score leaderboard to compete with other players. Great game for fans of Tap Baseball and MLB.

Monster Truck Driving Control your monster truck to reach the flag. Boost, brake and tilt your truck left/right to navigate the path. Earn stars by completing the level in record time. Features: - Interactive tutorial - Use stars to unlock cool characters such as a cool flaming truck, Batman truck, Shark truck, Hyena truck and more. - Panning function to plan your routes - 20 challenging levels - Play repeatedly to get the best high score - Upbeat theme Monster Truck and Dirt Bike enthusiasts will love this game.

Stick Golf Aim, adjust the club power and go! Playing golf has never been this easy. From easy to challenging terrains, use your acute golf senses to land a hole in one. Avoid bunkers and water hazards! Features: - interactive tutorial to help your audience - relaxed theme and background. Playing golf has never been this relaxing. - earn coins from successful holes - use coins at the shop, to purchase fun skins such as top hat, pirate hat, bunny hats and more.


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